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Our Products

The main product groups have traditionally been consumer electronic products; lamps and lighting fittings; and household appliances such as fans, cookers, refrigerators, freezers, etc. As a result of hundreds of millions of reliable 'NULEC' brand products sold, coupled with huge investments in advertising and a continous presence in the market, 'NULEC' has become a household name in the country.
NB: Our site is under developement, so for now, we have indicated only basic information on our products.


We are proud to re-introduce our famous Stabilizers. They have been reputed for being rugged, long lasting, of high quality and are now loaded with extra features that make them a smart buy.

Available in 6 models: RTL-1000 (1 KVA), RTL 1600 (1.6KVA), RTL 2000 (2 KVA),
RTL 3500 (3.5 KVA), RTL 5000 (5 KVA) & RTL 10000 (10 KVA)

All models have 1 Microprocessor, 6 relays, a large Transformer, a cooling Fan and come with a 1-year warranty.

Be among the first to buy our next generation stabilizers.

S p e c i f i c a t i o n s / S p e c i f i c a t i o n s
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
Wave Form
90-270 Volts, 50 Hz, 1-Phase
220 Volts AC +/-8%
More than 98% / Plus de 98%
Sine; no distorsion / Sinusoidale; sans
Voltage de sortie
Forme d'onde

Caractéristiques :
Market leader for performance under Full Load.

A microprocessor, 6 relays and a large transformar ensure the above specifications and performance.
Safety protection against High & Low Voltage, High Temperature, short circuit and overload.
A cooling fan prevents a temperature build-up.

Rapid response to voltage fluctuations.
Top quality components for a long-life product.
Specifically-added function steps down the voltage to a stable 110V, if required.
1 year warranty (read the details on the enclosed card).

Made at an ISO9001 factory producing stabilizers corforming to International Quality Standards.
Leader sur le marché pour une performance d'une
complète utilisation de la capacité.
Un microprocesseur, 6 relais et un large transformateur
assurent les spécifications ci-dessus et la performance
Protection de sécurité contre Haut et Bas Voltage, Haute Température, Court-circuit et Surcharge
Un ventilateur de refroidissement prévient des montées de températures
Réponse rapide des fluctuations de tension
Composants de très grande qualité pour une longue vie
Fonction spéciale ajoutée pour une utilisation à 110V stable, si désirée.
Garantie d'une année (voir les détails sur la carte de garantie à l'intérieur)
Fabriqué à l'usine ISO9001 produisant les stabilisateurs en conformité aux exigences des normes internationales de qualités internationales de qualités